Putin’s Professional Trolls Catfished And Paid Pro-Trump Activists In The US
Greg Fish

No, no, no, no <with wagging finger> — you don’t get to change the subject. This entire article is designed to distract and divert us from the legal issues that Mueller is supposed to be investigating: (1) crimes committed by Russian interests motivated to alter/skew/determine the election results, and (2) once we know that (we don’t plus we don’t even have a coherent theory of these potential crimes), then show that the Trump campaign was colluding/conspiring with Russian interests to commit these crimes, which is also a crime.

Do you understand this?

Everything else is noise designed to manipulate and confuse an inattentive public who will not be following the details on a day-to-day basis. The more agitation propaganda like this I see, the more convinced I am that this entire Russia-Election-Trump-Collusion narrative is manufactured fraud designed to harm Trump by any and all means necessary. Am I right?

OK, politics is a dirty business, we get it. But understand a very important point: when people unlawfully, destructively and dishonestly attack Trump, you are also directly attacking a very large swath of the American people. You may view us as deplorables, hicks, rednecks, stupid, lazy or whatever. If you do, you are mistaken. Perhaps this all seems like a free shot at 45 for you. It will be free until the moment it isn’t. You are playing with fire, which is fine if its your thing— just make sure you have no illusions about risk.