Both these phenomena are direct results of echo chambers that prevent getting to know the other side and an overload of information that makes it impossible to retrieve any signal from noise.
Ask. Listen. Speak Truth To Power.
Vidya Narayanan

No, not at all.

No. 1 — Partisan animosity is at an all-time high. The explanation is that our politics are bifurcating along predictable lines increasingly. The mushy middle is decreasing and has been for decades, predating wide-spread usage of the internet. So the divide, animosity, lack of acceptance increases. It has nothing to do with echo chambers or even the people, who have not changed. American have always had different views of how our political system should work, this is nothing new or exceptional and definitely not close to an all time high.

N0. 2. — Faith in media is at an all-time low. Our media is increasingly showing us how they have lied repeatedly to us by lying repeatedly to us now. They have an agenda, not simple bias. Us older folks, more set in our ways, accept this new reality more slowly, the younger ones get it sooner. We have always been lied to by our mainstream media and it is sinking in. Faith in media should be zero and hopefully will get their soon.

In short, we the people are not the problem at all. We have not changed and will not change and should not change anything. I suggest we need politicians and media who tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. We are sick of the lying, the narratives, the spin, and the manipulation from these two faces of a corrupt coin.