To directly answer your questions:
Marin Heiskell

  1. No, not unusual at all and the Confederacy was not treasonous. It was a separatist movement that had roots in economic conflict with slavery thrown in. The south had no clear, constitutional method to leave so it declared itself gone — much like the American revolution declaring itself free of the crown. Here is what you need to know — we do not erect war memorials to honor only victors, we erect to remember and honor men who fought, sacrificed, showed human courage, and often died. Have you ever seen the Vietnam war memorial on the Mall in DC? There is a Korean war memorial on the Mall and who won that war? War of 1812 may have some monuments for that somewhere, we have a national anthem completed then. What was honored? You are factually and historically wrong.
  2. Yes, excellent examples that mirror our own angry, lawless mobs now. Is that what you want here?

If all you see is hate and racism, then that is the world you are immersed in. Maybe this motivates you towards what you think of as justice, if so, you are deceiving yourself. On the other hand, if you think of these war monuments as a form of public healing, then you will begin to understand their historical necessity and role in our civil society.

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