and that certain bad behaviors are rewarded with power, prestige and esteem.
Even the Wicked
Elizabeth Bruenig

Or vica versa. How we can have a discussion about this topic without bringing up the massive elephant (donkey?) in the room is beyond me.

Bill Clinton is a rapist. He is a sexual predator of long-standing. After subjecting America to so many lies about so much sexual abuse of so many women, it was finally proved by physical evidence that he abused the highest office in the land for his own pleasure with a 22 year old woman who he could easily fire at will with a simple, off-the-cuff statement to his chief of staff. The President was 49 years old at the time.

There has never been a more quintessential, high profile violation of direct sexual abuse of a subordinate in the history of the country.

What happened? The Democratic party leapt to his defense. Reasons varied but mainly they liked him, he was of their “tribe,” he supported abortion, he was smooth, it was just sex after all, he played the saxophone, he was “Slick Willie,” etc. Hence, the entire Democratic party defended Bill Clinton’s sexual predatory behavior all through his impeachment and US Senate trial where removal was, regrettably, not accomplished thanks to the votes of Senate Democrats.

You said no big deal, let’s move on. Hey, Democrats even did fine in the next election, yay, no problem, motor on, when in doubt whip it out.

Now, 20 years later, here we are — having “moved on.” Color me not surprised at the result. When outrageous behavior at this level is exposed— then proved in the face of lies and crimes —yet not severely and publicly punished, well guess what?

You just excused it. You just accepted it. You just defended it. You just rewarded it. You are as morally depraved as Bill Clinton and you enabled the next sexual violation of the next woman. DO YOU GET IT YET?

If you were part of this defense of Bill Clinton, YOU are a rapist enabler, YOU are a sexual predator enabler. YOU enabled Harvey Weinstein, you enabled John Conyers, Jr., YOU enabled Anthony Weiner and the list of people who were trusted by the public that became sexual predators that YOU have enabled will grow in the coming weeks.

And you wonder about your friends and how you feel about that? Well, well, look in the mirror for letting — no, not letting — making sure your society is in this sorry state. YOUR gift to the current generation is in full flower now.