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Reasonable, rational analysis. This would be spot-on correct if all was as it appears to be. But it leaves out the semi-invisible elephant in the room which is why the Democrats have a decent shot of capturing the US House in November. Voter and election fraud will be maximized in the right districts in order to accomplish this goal.

This is going to happen and the only questions are the magnitude and will it be successful for the Democrats. Alabama was the latest example. There was also bigly voter/election fraud in 2016, though it was insufficient to push Hillary over the top. (She knew it was rigged for her and this was why she was devastated when the Democrat plan was stymied.) Thus far, we have only seen the tip of a large iceberg.

President Trump is not joking or spinning when he says “the system is rigged,” which he said several times. This is what he means and he understands it. I hope he has an executable plan to deal with it. My hunch is that he does but can the problem be solved or at least managed down to a dull roar in time?

Buckle up and, now that we live in MAGAland, Happy MAGA New Year!