Nevertheless, I would argue that it is premature to characterize Trump as a neoconservative interventionist.
Very few will notice the nuance for the noise.
Steve McGrath

The evidence to date shows that Trump is clearly not a neocon interventionist. I see him as dealing with neocon-initiated fiascos he inherited in ways that: (1) have to be dealt with effectively — not ignored, (2) benefits America, and lastly (3) leaves things more stable then before he arrived on the scene. Syria was the first example, thus far having been handled perfectly. (I loved the fake Tomahawk attack after the fake Assad war crime that was engineered to draw him into war with Assad — that was MAGA in action.) Yes, more conflict and revealing is to come so maybe this will prove wrong, but this is the model that I use to evaluate Trump’s actions as of now.

P.S. If anyone follows his tweets and evaluates via that, they won’t be able to follow what is actually happening. But that is still fun because it promotes Trump Derangement Syndrome, thereby giving Trump and his America First agenda more of an advantage!