Being a Woman and Being Right
Taryn De Vere

There is a lot of misunderstanding in this article but it is clear to me that women in the modern day have a severe conundrum that should be explicitly addressed to help them understand what they are up against. It is this — for women to have a shot at happiness and meaning, they must submit to a man. (Let us pause for the inevitable PC fireworks, histrionics, and emotive triggering…breathe, breathe, use your yoga breath. Ok, better, now back to it.) If you are still with me, then it follows, for things to go well, that the man she submits to has to be a good, decent person who respects her, values her and cares for her. It is even better if he understands her and her female nature which is different from his male nature. That is the two way street that men and women need to be on, potholes and all. QED.

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