Nancy Pelosi Disavows Alt-Left Group “ANTIFA,” Calls for Arrests for Berkeley Violence
Mike Cernovich

YUUGGE Photo Credit goes to: Alex Wong/Getty (photographing this thing has to be maximum torture)

Nancy Pelosi disavowing antifa is — as Rush would say — phony baloney good time rock and roll. Pelosi might be engineering a tactical retreat for mainstream Democrats or, more likely, building an exit path to Plan B as alt-left tactics change. And/or she may be one (late in career is perfect) who is the designated prominent insider “critic” to mollify the limousine-liberal Democrats who find antifa Democrats highly disturbing — keep them away from Rodeo Drive! You can’t piss off money sources too much for too long. Also, the alt-left — same as the old-left — is building additional anti-American (AntiAm) orgs to change branding, give the MSM something “new” to jabber about lovingly, confuse/deceive/frighten the people further, and keep the assault on Trump’s MAGA agenda rolling. More antifa-like activities are forthcoming from the usual Alinsky acolytes.

This is the all-important concept to remember: antifa is part of the Democratic party universe. They are antifa Democrats, or (I like Cernovich’s capitalization) ANTIFA Democrats. Hashtag anyone?