I am baffled and shocked by this belief and statement.

This may seem like a distinction without a difference but let me give it a shot to clarify. At some level of detail, we are all different. And, yes, there are always difficulties between people — groups, individuals, etc. This is a basic reality of the human condition. But divided? I guess one could attribute “division” to separateness combined with some kind of trouble/discomfort but that is so general that it is not a sufficient explanation of what we see now, in my view. The word “divided” is far too extreme to describe where we are at now, overall or specifically.

The civil war — that was divided. We are no where near that, not even close, and I maintain that there are those who WANT us to be divided like that and are pushing a false narrative of division down our throats via a complicit and colluding (aka wholly owned) corporate media. Do you see division anywhere but in the media? I don’t. I see people going about their human lives as peaceful human beings.

Lack of division — like the times we live in now — does not imply perfect, peaceful harmony or unity of thought. It means we can get on with our lives and we consent — through our participation — with the basic civil society that we live in. Of course, there is disagreement and dissatisfaction with specifics but this is also normal human behavior and is not an indication of division. We have much in place to deal with these disagreements and such and use them all the time.

The key is this — the small group of people pushing this false narrative of division clearly hate America, hate the founding, hate our history, reject our country as it currently stands, including our goals and values. I happen to also believe that this tiny, yet harmful group sees much profit in steering the American people down a path of destruction. They are experts at manipulating/buying/tricking others to do their bidding. Hang on — more of what I say is on the way. And when you see it, ask if it is real. If not sure, use this as a guideline: Hurricane Maria is real, football players taking a knee is theater.