Yard Sale

My husband, Fisher, Bowie, and I are moving to Pittsburgh, PA next month from Portland, OR and I can’t be more excited. The three years spent here have been the worst of my life. The blame game isn’t important but we have realized more and more how important family (chosen family even if they happen to be genetically linked as well) can be in mental stability and happiness. I will be less than 1.5 hours away from my mom, sister, nephews, and two of my elementary school besties (then and current). My bestie from fourth grade is in the neighborhood over from our new house. My sister and her partner will be four miles away. My in-laws (brother and sister) and my nieces will be eight miles away. My father-in-law (also a close friend) will be around four hours away.

I can’t wait to be there already. We are taking a train from Portland to Pittsburgh old school style. It seems to be a great idea (my husband is pretty much a genius). You get to bring 225 pounds of luggage EACH and you can drink booze in the sleeping car compartments. They will bring you meals or you can eat in the dining car (with a reservation — oh la la).

Right now we are thinning the herd with all of our possessions. Last year I had a huge yard sale that derailed my mental health. I became too excited about getting rid of stuff and invited crazy into my life (in the form of a human) to help with the yard sale. She later robbed me of thousands of dollars worth of things after I said we couldn’t be friends after the chaos and trauma she created.

This time when I brought up having a yard sale I could see the panic in my husband’s eyes. He rarely just says no to something I want so when he does I respect it because I know it’s for a solid reason. My workaround was to have a free table of items that I replenish as I purge more things on each nice day. So far it’s been a great experience. As a hoarder it’s nice to see people get excited over my items. That was my joy in the yard sale last year. I even bought fun things from the dollar tree to sell them at a loss because I was so hypomanic by the end. The only negative part was a neighborhood punk using our empty packing boxes as a wall to ride his bike into. He stuffed them with the items on the table to make it more fun for him. Thanks to our video camera in front we were able to watch this little hoodlum.

I tried for a minute to sell my doTerra homemade products and my Avon but quickly gave up. People were excited online but no one showed up so I called it. Putting my passion out there though was a nice reminder that I need to ‘set up shop’ in my Etsy store.

I love making myself decide what I want in my new space. Out with the old baggage, in with the new life. I just scheduled an appointment with my new oncologist for two days after we arrive in Pittsburgh. It’s a relief to have that sorted from the get go.

In with the new/old environs. I hear great things about a pierogi place in Dormont…