We are PROUD — the new LGBTQ+
movement in the NFT space.

PROUD Together — A new LGBTQ+ movement in the NFT space.

For years, the LGBTQ+ community has sought out visibility and participation in different spaces. Physically, through events like @sydneymardigras and the different pride events that bring us into the spotlight, and digitally, through the different spaces and communities that have developed on platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Now, as web3 and the metaverse gain more relevance, it is important to have queer representation and visibility in these new virtual spaces.

That is what PROUD NFT strives to achieve.

As a space that is currently dominated by cishet people, it’s important for the LGBTQ+ community to put its foot in the door and seek out participation in it. Because, wherever there’s people, there should be queer people too.

And it’s not just about being present in digital or virtual spaces, but also about making our voices heard. We believe NFTs, and especially our PROUD NFT, will form an amazing platform to bring the causes that we care about into the limelight.

But, most importantly, NFTs and PROUD NFT are an amazing opportunity to bring us together. We want to be an opportunity for like minded people, from queer folks to allies, to join together around a common cause.

We want to stand for love, in all the different ways we know love can look. We want to stand for community, knowing that greater things can be achieved when we work together. We want to stand for safety, knowing that digital spaces might be the only safe spaces some might have access to. We want to stand for PRIDE, because we know that each and everyone of us should be proud of who we are.

Each bi person that has been told they’re going through a “phase”, each trans person that has been misgendered, each nonbinary or gender nonconforming individual that has to explain time and time again how they reject the gender binary; each and every lesbian, gay, bi, pan, trans, arro, ace, or queer person, with all our different identities, orientations and expresions, should be proud of who we are.

We are PROUD. Join us, so that we can achieve great things together. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.



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