How to fix “Error: Node Sass does not yet support your current environment: OS X 64-bit with Unsupported runtime (57)”

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Maybe you already get this error when compiling sass files. In my case it’s regularly when I use nvm to switch from a node version to another.

The explanations of the error suggest to read this release information : I don’t think it’s very useful.

I read several answers on forums like removing node_modules directory and reinstalling all node packages via npm install. Don’t do that! You could have troubles if your package.json isn’t clean with packages version when you are in a development phase of your project.

What to do simply and fastly

I can’t explain what happens when we switch node environment but I know that a simple command fix the error :

npm rebuild node-sass

It takes some minutes, don’t worry.

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Hoping this will be useful for some developers.

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