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The pNetwork is the increasingly decentralised layer powering and governing the cross-chain pTokens solution. The project is focused on enabling meaningful connections between multiple blockchain environments.

As the first tool launched by pNetwork, pTokens enable DeFi composability and cross-chain movement of assets’ liquidity for any and every blockchain and token — a feat made simple thanks to our 11 different cross-chain connections, including Bitcoin and Litecoin on EOS and Ethereum, as well as EOS-compatible DeFi tokens: pETH, PNT, pMKR, pLINK, pYFI and PTERIA.

As pTokens continues to scale, adding more bridges and integrations, it’s only fitting that the team expands upon its pTokens technology and usher in a new era of unchained liquidity. …

In DeFi, there’s always a new yield farming opportunity — but rarely does one invite users from more than one blockchain. Now, thanks to pNetwork and its Ethereum-compatible pTokenized assets, users from Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin communities can deposit and grow their yields on Steroids.

Steroids is a liquidity mining platform that offers unique yield farming strategies and exciting APYs. When users put their assets on Steroids, they not only streamline their liquidity pool deposits but also earn rewards in unlocked DeFi tokens.

Today pNetwork is extending the pTokens incentives program and introducing new PNT-farming strategies for both pBTC and pLTC. is back with a new liquidity mining strategy. As introduced in our previous guide, Steroids is a liquidity mining program for the pNetwork ecosystem, which offers unique Yield Farming strategies and exciting APYs.

Given the success of the initial program — which rewards liquidity providers to the pBTC / WBTC pool on Uniswap — today, the team is thrilled to announce a new strategy for farming PNT.

Now through the Steroids program, users can become Liquidity Providers in Uniswap’s ETH/PNT pool while earning rewards in unlocked PNT.

Each week a reward of 15,000 PNT will be distributed and divided between liquidity providers. Read on for step-by-step instructions on different ways to provide liquidity and become eligible for rewards. …

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With a mission to enable more cross-chain composability, regardless of a user’s native blockchain, the pNetwork has introduced six new industry-first bridges with its pTokens system.

Today, we’re thrilled to launch pETH and the first Ethereum DeFi bundle (including our own governance token PNT, as well as pMKR, pLINK and pYFI) to the EOS blockchain.

Delivering composability with pTokens

pTokens enable any cryptocurrency to become compatible with any blockchain, allowing liquidity to flow without friction while empowering users to explore new DeFi ecosystems.

All pTokenized assets — whether pETH, pLTC, pBTC or any other — are pegged 1:1 to their underlying asset and are available for automatic minting or redeeming on the pTokens DApp. In addition, pTokens are supported on a variety of DeFi protocols, decentralized exchanges, and wallets on a growing number of blockchains. In fact, with the launch of pETH and the first Ethereum DeFi bundle to EOS, pTokens is now the cross-chain tokenization solution powering the highest number of cross-chain connections.

Deposit BTC and earn with pNetwork’s newest yield farming strategy

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In the world of DeFi, there are plenty of yield farming opportunities, but rarely does one invite users from more than one blockchain. Now, thanks to pNetwork and its Ethereum-compatible pTokenized Bitcoin (pBTC), users from both the Ethereum and Bitcoin communities can deposit and grow their yields on Steroids — starting with a strategy that leverages the pBTC / wBTC pool on Uniswap.


pBTC is a Bitcoin-pegged asset available through pTokens, a cross-chain composability project and the foundation of the pNetwork ecosystem. With the custom-made pTokens DApp, anyone can securely mint their own pBTC — pegged 1 to 1 with BTC — or they can acquire it through a myriad of decentralized exchanges, DEX aggregators, and wallets, like 1inchExchange, Argent, Bancor,, …

Updates on our progress and decentralisation roadmap

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The pNetwork is the increasingly decentralised layer powering and governing the cross-chain pTokens solution. As part of the project’s progressive decentralization roadmap, a growing number of decentralized components are being introduced to the system.

An important element when building the next generation financial instruments is to make it accessible to everyone and not for its audience to be restricted by technical barriers. An inherent challenge of this is the need to untangle complex technical concepts into easily-understandable axioms.

Such a process does sometimes lead to the oversimplification of concepts and therefore making properties appear either black or white when they are truly different shades of grey.

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Today we share news of the official rebranding to pNetwork.

We’ve come a long way since the pTokens project was designed by the main development team behind Provable Things — and it’s time for all of our community channels to reflect that we’re all in for pNetwork.

Provable origin, powerful future

The pTokens project was an initiative by the main development team behind Provable Things. With a background in blockchain, tokenomics, and Trusted Computing, the team set out to develop a cross-chain solution to enable composability for all crypto assets on any blockchain.

In March, pTokens launched to mainnet starting with pBTC on Ethereum. Shortly after, pBTC debuted on EOS. This allowed users to peg in their bitcoin and mint Ethereum or EOS-compatible pBTC and to explore new DApps and DeFi protocols without selling their underlying assets. In August, we launched pLTC on Ethereum and invited Litecoin holders to do the same. …

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It’s time for another vote! A new proposal is now open within the pNetwork DAO.

DAO members can review and vote on the proposal on the Aragon platform and from the Eidoo app. For a summary along with a more detailed explanation, read on.

Our first DAO vote was a great success!

With a staggering 98% in favour, the community passed the inaugural proposal to introduce pLTC to our yield farming program, Steroids. During Epoch 1, approximately 30.44 million daoPNT voted on the proposal and DAO members received over 550k PNT rewards.

Now a new proposal awaits your vote!

DAO members can access the latest pNetwork’s proposal on the Aragon platform and from the Eidoo app. …

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The time has come — members may now vote within the pNetwork DAO!

After a successful launch, including the inaugural two-week epoch 0 — during which 935 PNT holders committed to stake, vote, and earn 42% APR interest in rewards — the pNetwork DAO is pleased to open its first voting proposal.

Not only does voting empower the community to govern the development of the pNetwork ecosystem; it also ensures that participants will be eligible to receive their PNT rewards as active members of the DAO.

Stake for your ticket to vote

Voting is open to those who have staked PNT and received daoPNT, the token issued by the staking manager to represent a contribution to the DAO. Through active voting, daoPNT holders become eligible for earning interest on their tokens at stake. Active members are defined as daoPNT holders that have voted on all proposals except one within an Epoch (approx. …

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The pNetwork DAO is in full swing! It’s been two weeks since we first welcomed PNT holders to discover a new and exciting token utility and rewards system alongside a thriving community of DeFi and composability advocates.

To participate — and to become eligible for 42% interest APR — DAO members need only to stake their PNT, and ensure that they are voting on open proposals during each epoch, which is a period of approximately two weeks.

During our inaugural Epoch 0, there was no voting proposal.

We aimed to provide ample time for members to onboard and become more acquainted with the DAO Manager on the Aragon or Eidoo platforms.

Because there were zero voting proposals during this epoch, every member with staked PNT tokens will receive their corresponding rewards, based on the number of tokens they have at the end of this epoch, at its conclusion.

pNetwork Team

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