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With a mission to enable more cross-chain composability, regardless of a user’s native blockchain, the pNetwork has introduced six new industry-first bridges with its pTokens system.

Today, we’re thrilled to launch pETH and the first Ethereum DeFi bundle (including our own governance token PNT, as well as pMKR, pLINK and pYFI) to the EOS blockchain.

Delivering composability with pTokens

pTokens enable any cryptocurrency to become compatible with any blockchain, allowing liquidity to flow without friction while empowering users to explore new DeFi ecosystems.

All pTokenized assets — whether pETH, pLTC, pBTC or any other — are pegged 1:1 to their underlying asset and are available for automatic minting or redeeming on the pTokens DApp. In addition, pTokens are supported on a variety of DeFi protocols, decentralized exchanges, and wallets on a growing number of blockchains. In fact, with the launch of pETH and the first Ethereum DeFi bundle to EOS, pTokens is now the cross-chain tokenization solution powering the highest number of cross-chain connections.

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