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MobileAPPtelligence.com — http://www.mobileapptelligence.com is a leading mobile games development company in India, delivering best in class mobile apps (cross platform and native) to global clients. We also place dedicated mobile app developers on monthly and hourly contract.

Mobileapptelligence has great experience in developing best in class mobile apps and games. Our mobile game development team has been working hard to make Unity to be HTML5-capable with a full workflow package that installs in the Unity Editor that lets developers to build games for multiple platforms. Now our game developers can utilize Unity’s sophisticated 2D tools, impeccable API and efficient C#-language support to build native iOS/Android games. We can now also target many HTML5 distribution channels. But the JS in Unity is not HTML5-compliant. It will need a much bigger reworking on C2 exporting.


The current Unity DI container was much welcomed by the mobile game experts in MobileAPPtelligence. With it, hybrid development of apps and services have become much easier. We very much like its portable class library: The individual platform targeted Unity is changed to a PCL, including support for Windows Store Apps 8.0 and 8.1.


Unity and HTML5 both are used for game development based upon it’s individual contribution. Unity offers an alternative to the web’s third-party tools, wrapping technologies and hardware-accelerated canvas solutions. Vanilla HTML5 can’t vie with the nice performance and control over asset management of Unity.

To know more about us, please visit http://www.MobileAPPtelligence.com. You can call us at +91.9742670797 / 1.347.709.7902.

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