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Provenance Events
Dec 6, 2018 · 7 min read
Floating Island Convention Center, Seoul, Korea

On Tuesday, 20th November, Provenance Summit Seoul 2018 invited 200+ global blockchain product dev speakers and attendees from around the world. Participants came from Canada, China, Ireland, United States, Russia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, France, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, South Africa and of course Korea! (Did we miss your country? 🤔 — let us know below)

Opening the event, HuiChi Man, Director of Provenance Events gave a quick speech about why the team decided to host #Provenance18 in Seoul. From experience, the events industry were throwing together conferences;

  • Their goal to run one-time events to make profit
  • Speakers given time on stage due to sponsorship paid to event organisers
  • Booth babes misrepresenting companies and the industry!
  • No insight of their experience with building blockchain products

Provenance Summit is the first global blockchain product conference showcasing global industry leaders of how they built their product. Provenance Events only partners with companies that have a product as many “businesses” in the blockchain space do not have a product. Speakers delivered sessions from the angle of design, development, product, regulation and compliance perspectives.

Graham de Barra with Korea Crypto Social (Monika Rofler & David Epstein) at Festy booth

As a co-organiser of Provenance Summit, Graham de Barra, CEO of Festy opened the conference. Graham delivered “Promoting Private Payments”. Graham’s presentation touched on the learnings and challenges of his own startup and its product development lifecycle. Graham touched on the design thinking model his own team practices and how it affected their product launch to market.

Hyunok Oh, Associate Professor, Hanyang University

Coming from a research perspective, our next speaker Hyunok Oh, Associate Professor from Hanyang University discussed “Blockchain & Privacy with ZK Snarks”.

Hyuonok discussed ZK snarks development and applications using Zcash as an example.

Riccardo Spagni — Fluffypony (Monero) with his new pony & Michael Wurzinger (Oath Protocol) , Monika Rofler (Korea Crypto Social)

Touching on the topic of privacy, Riccardo Spagni — “Fluffypony” delivered “50 Shades of Privacy”. Riccardo evaluated the current tech ecosystem and its privacy. Explaining why privacy matters and that it’s not just for criminals, Riccardo delved deep into the privacy when it comes to transactional data.

Riccardo gave a detailed session on untraceable cryptographically signatures. Finishing on the note of “any privacy-enhancing project that treats their work with less care is
not only irresponsible, but is indistinguishable from a scam”.

Matias Fursyfer & “Fuzzbawls”, Core Developers, PIVX

A joint presentation delivered by “Fuzzbawls” and Matias Furzsyfer, Core Developers from PIVX. Matias touched on Zerocoin protocol and its blockchain structure. Fuzzbawls showcased on what the PIVX team are currently working on and updates on their core wallet.

From Left to Right: Graham de Barra (FESTY), Riccardo Spagni (Monero), Hyunok Oh (Hanyang University) an Ruben Somsen (Seoul Bitcoin)

Continuing on the topic of privacy and data, the next session was a panel discussion on “Taking Control Over Personal Data”. Moderated by Ruben Somsen from Seoul Bitcoin community. Joining Ruben on the panel:

  • Graham de Barra, CEO, Festy
  • Hyunok Oh, Professor, Hanyang University
  • Riccardo Spagni — Fluffypony, Monero

Status Networking Area

Thanks to our networking break sponsor, Status!

The UXR team from Status delivered a presentation on principles that drive product development. This was a joint presentation delivered by Patrick Bowen, UXR Lead & Hester Bruikman, UX Researcher.

Dominic Tsang, Business Dev at Solana Booth

On the topic of data, Dominic from Solana spoke on distributed network optimisation.

Dominic gave an insight into the history of time and its performance in distributed systems.

Solana is solving the problem of providing “trustless” time to decentralised blockchain.

SingularDTV’s Product Dev Cycle

Jack Cheng, CMO Asia gave an insight from the perspective of SingularDTV’s roadmap of becoming a successful business.

Jack’s presentation tied in with the conference’s theme of product development and how SingularDTV practices methodologies of product dev.

From Left to Right: Patrice Poujol (Lumiere), Andrew Kolodyuk (DivanTV), David Doepel (Demand Films), Monika Rofler (KCS) and Jack Cheng (SingularDTV)

Why are industries such as entertainment looking into using blockchain technology? Our panel discussion on “The Future of the Entertainment Industry” discussed some of these applications. Moderated by Monika Rofler from Korea Crypto Social. Joining Monika on the panel:

  • Patrick Poujol, Founder & CEO, Lumiere
  • Andrew Kolodyuk, CEO, DivanTV
  • David Doepel, CEO, Demand Films
  • Jack Cheng, CMO Asia, SingularDTV

Continuing on the application of blockchain technology, Alex Cynn from the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance discussed how traditional enterprises were implementing blockchain.

Alex gave insight into how a member led organisation help empower the use of Ethereum technology, especially in the enterprise sector.

From Left to Right: Alex Cynn (EEA), Lisa Hong (Geoblue), Jacco Zwetsloot (HMP Law), Sami Mian (Hashgraph) & Ameer Rosic (Blockgeeks)

Not only is the entertainment industry is adopting blockchain, traditional enterprises are implementing blockchain. Our panel discussion on “Revolutionising Traditional Industries with Blockchain” discussed some of these applications focusing on enterprise blockchain. Moderated by Ameer Rosic, CEO or Blockgeeks. Joining Ameer on the panel:

  • Alex Cynn, Ethereum Enterprise Alliance
  • Lisa Hong, Global Marketing Lead, Geoblue
  • Jacco Zwetsloot, Director — Business Innovation, HMP Law
  • Sami Mian, Head of Japan & Korea, Hashgraph
Benny Giang (Cryptokitties) from the back!

Rocking out from the back of the room, Benny Giang, Co Founder and Head of Asia delivered a presentation on the iconic collectible blockchain game, Cryptokitties.

Benny touched on the creation of the project to execution — how they reached mass adoption and using intuitive UX design to mask blockchain technology.

Ruben Somsen (Seoul Bitcoin)

With the growth of a blockchain product comes with problems of scaling.

Ruben Somsen, Founder of Seoul Bitcoin community gave a presentation on scaling Bitcoin. Ruben gave insight into how “Blockchains Don’t Scale” and detailed how ‘lightning’ protocol works in a nutshell.

Fabian Gompf (Parity)

Touching on the topic of scaling. We take a look at scaling the distributed web with Polkadot built by Parity Technologies.

Fabian Gompf, VP of Tech Partnerships gave insight into their project. Fabian detailed the architecture of the blockchain technology they are building, the challenges and securities of the web.

Keda Che, CEO with the launch of their product, Ubbey

We’ve discussed architecture, scaling and growth with blockchain technology. Let’s not forget the most important of building a product these days is where you store it!

Keda Che, CEO of Universal Labs launched their new product Ubbey.

Keda delivered a presentation using communist revolutionary leader Mao Zedong comparing it to centralisation. Ubbey Box is a personal decentralised cloud storage meaning you own the blockchain node!

Junhaeng Lee (Head of Blockchain — KORFIN, CEO of Streami (GoPax)

Obviously with the event being held in Korea, we finished the conference with the Korean ecosystem and landscape of blockchain technology. In Dec 2017, Provenance Events delved into Korea for the quick adoption of technology and the government’s keen interest in the potential of blockchain, implementing into their smart city project.

Junhaeng Lee, Head of Blockchain for KORFIN and CEO of Streami (GoPax) dissected the blockchain industry of Korea and why startups should consider Korea for the adoption of blockchain technology.

Korea Blockchain Ecosystem

Lastly, it’s not a good event without a networking dinner and party! Thanks to Blockchain Korea, the first and biggest blockchain community in Korea.

We had an elegant dinner along with Korean traditional music while we got to mingle and build long lasting relationships with everyone.

HuiChi Man, Director of Provenance Events & Remy K. CEO of Blockchain Korea

Check out the official #Provenance18 networking events here hosted by Festy, Status, PIVX, Cryptokitties.

Provenance Events would like to thank all the teams and companies involved in putting #Provenance18 together. We couldn’t have done it with the Korean community and partners from the world.

Stay tuned for 2019!

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