Budget Resorts in Rishikesh — A best place for Tourism

Millions of pilgrims come to Rishikesh every year in search of nirvana, but not all can afford to stay in luxury hotels. There are many ways to travel through people from big cities like New Delhi to Rishikesh.

Most people are looking only for a room where to become a few z. Responds to these visitors, there are a number of cheap hotels in Rishikesh. Most of them offer comfort and care without burning a hole in your pocket hotel guests.

Some Rishikesh hotels like the , Nakshatra Resort, Resort Ganges View, Green Hotel, Rishabh Grand Castle, Rishikesh Valley Hotel Green View, Hotel Rajmahal and Blessed Cottage offer comfortable night accommodation at very low prices. Most of them are equipped with modern basic amenities such as hot and cold water, parking, internet access, AC and non AC rooms and gourmet cuisine. A number of cheap hotels are located on the banks of the mighty Ganga itself.

Hotel Neeraj Bhavan is such a hotel in Rishikesh in the heart of the city. Its lush green lawn and contemporary architecture strike a deal just before personal taste on the visitors with its warm hospitality. The rooms are spacious and equipped with modern amenities. Hotel Neeraj Bhavan is a perfect choice for travelers seeking comfort in friendly price pockets.

Another cheap hotel in Rishikesh It should be mentioned is the Tapovan Resort. Located on the banks of the sacred river, which is surrounded by green lawn and well maintained. The well-appointed rooms and access to the Yoga Center, credit line, currency exchange, STD / ISD room, free room service, internet service, jungle trekking, laundry, meditation and yoga, music channel , Nature walk, satellite TV, state of the art healthcare are some of the facilities at affordable prices.

Rishikesh Valley and the Blessed Cottage offer luxurious lodges built with local materials and well equipped with modern facilities equipped at reasonable prices.

Rishikesh (Tourism) is an important rafting center in northern India. Travelers looking to Rishikesh take the tour of nature and strong, can send adrenaline in their veins retreat pursue a golf career on the banks of the river. These camps offer luxury tents with basic amenities and provide access to rafting and water sports, as well as the opportunity to stay in a sandy powder beach next to the river. Camp 5 elements, jungle camp, Leopard Beach Tented Camp and dare adventures are some of the names that tourists flock to the pocket of friendly prizes as an adventure.

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