Providence Pre-Sale postponed to October 4th

Dear community members and interested investors,

Due to our recent securement of the OTC deal with Vlora Asset Management, we have to undergo a revision of our Providence smart contract to reflect all the changes that came up with this deal. Those include the lowering of our hard caps and vesting period (time locks) for Vlora’s tokens.

Also one update that we wanted to reflect upon, from communications with our community and interested pre-sale contributors is that we will be lowering the minimum contribution amount for the pre-sale from 10 ETH to 5 ETH with the bonus staying the same 35%.

Because of those reasons, we are postponing the Pre-Sale on October 4th 2017, 7:00 PM UTC or 9:00 PM CET.

All informational mediums and publications will be updated today to reflect this updated information.

Best regards,

Providence Team

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