4 Steps to Supercharge Your Provider Rating and Earn More

Itching to jump start your Provider rating, but don’t know how? These four hacks will boost your mood every day. Remember, a happier you means a happier customer! Happier customers give higher ratings, and the higher your rating the more money you’ll earn!

1. You “Snooze,” You Lose

We’ve all hit the snooze button on our alarms. When we finally get up we feel groggy, foggy, and drained? But why?

Your body’s natural sleep cycles last for 90 to 120 minutes. If you hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, your body shuts down and starts a new sleep cycle. When you finally do get up, it can take your body up to FOUR HOURS to fully recover!

The best Providers know Early Bird missions net you big bucks, big rewards and great reviews! So skip the snooze blues, get up and get online!

2. Create a Personal Gold Standard

One of the best parts of being a contractor is you’re your own boss! Why not start your day off like a BOSS?! Ask yourself what your goals are. Try some of these ideas:

How many hours will I work?

How many deliveries will I complete today?

How will I ensure every vehicle I deliver meets my seal of approval?

It’s best to choose goals within your control because you can’t predict how much money you’ll make or the type customers you’ll have. But you can always set goals for your schedule, dress code, and attitude. There’s no feeling better than conquering a goal during your day to pump up your mood and make you feel like the boss you are! Decide your destiny and make the most out of you.

3. Service with a Smile

When it comes to your customers, even the slightest smile will make you appear trustworthy, kind and professional. But here’s the catch — your smile has to be sincere. Forced smiles may project suspicion, discomfort, and dissatisfaction.

Make that smile genuine! If it helps, focus on the beauty of the day or on a joke you recently heard. It doesn’t matter why you smile, as long as you mean it!

4. Let it Go!

Last, but definitely not least, when it’s time to stop working, stop working!

Driving while tired, dehydrated, and hungry is dangerous. Not to mention your mood will suffer and so will your ratings! When your day is done, leave work behind and let yourself rest and recover. Focus on three moments during the day you’re grateful for. Forgive anything and anyone during your day that upset you. By letting go of today’s snafus you’ll set yourself up for success tomorrow.

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