It’s Time for a New Side Hustle

For users, Skurt is a car in your pocket. Do you remember when you got your first car? Maybe it was years or even decades ago. Driving gives you the freedom to get around whenever you want. Since exploring is in our nature the the ability to jump into a Skurt and explore your city on your own time is liberating!

What is a Provider?

Delivery Providers are entrepreneurs dedicated to exceptional service. As a Provider working with Skurt you have the opportunity to partner with a company dedicated to making personal transportation universally accessible and convenient. You make money on your own schedule without your own vehicle. Finally, a way to earn money without putting miles on your car.

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This Provider is on his way to a mission using his folding bike.

True Freedom in the Gig-Economy

When you provide mobility, you’re not just sitting your car all day — you’re out exploring your city, spreading the word about Skurt, and helping people. Since you don’t need your own car to work you can literally work in any of Skurt’s delivery zones. Since we launched our app in 2015, Skurt has expanded across America. In fact, we have an epidemic of City-Switching Providers who have explored Skurt all over the country!

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