Provider Spotlight: Thomas Jones

Providing mobility is a side hustle. Delivery Providers work with Skurt in their spare time, but many Providers have awesome aspirations. We love to share their stories monthly.

Thomas was headed to Miami for his birthday. He’s a man with a hustler mentality, so he reached out to us to help him provide mobility while he was on vacation. Then, we reached out to him for his story.

Thomas’ photo shows how you can still find classic vibes in a bustling 21st century city

What do you love about providing mobility?

I love the flexibility! If you have a phone you can work, if you can work you can make money, if you can make money you can travel. Since I don’t need my own car to work, providing mobility presents me with an opportunity- if I’m traveling I can also make money.

Why work on your vacation?

I was already going out of town for my birthday. When people think vacation they think relaxing by the beach, but Skurt affords you the opportunity to explore a new city without feeling like you’re missing work or having to request to request time off. Naturally, I wanted to work because I would get to see the city and make money at the same time.

What was your favorite part about Miami?

Miami is an international city in the continental United states. You can experience tons of different cultures, language, and cuisine all in the same city. Not to mention the ocean water is warm and everyone there loves to have fun!

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