Provider Spotlight: Marissa Brown

Providing mobility is a side hustle. Delivery Providers work with Skurt in their spare time, but many Providers have awesome aspirations. We love to share their stories monthly.

Marissa Brown’s journey to Skurt took a few turns. She’s lived in Fresno, Las Vegas and San Diego, and she recently ended a career in law enforcement. Now she lives in Los Angeles, and recently stopped by Skurt Headquarters to chat with us about how she’s making her dream of becoming a dancer and choreographer a reality with the help of Skurt.

Marissa was all smiles during our conversation, and it just goes to show how a smiling Provider is the best Provider!

How did you first hear about Skurt?

I had moved from Las Vegas to San Diego, and a friend of mine called me after seeing a billboard for Skurt in Los Angeles. She had heard about Skurt and said I should try it out. I was at the point where I didn’t want to keep working for somebody else. So I signed up.

Skurt’s eye catching billboard campaign

So you originally started as a Provider in San Diego?

Yes. I traveled to different neighborhoods around San Diego, and it was really fun because I got to see parts of the city that I never have — even though I’ve lived in San Diego for most of my life!

What do you love about San Diego?

You name it! The weather, the people. There’s a lot of pride in San Diego. No matter who the person is, they’re always going to ‘up’ San Diego. The Padres, the Seau family. People that live in San Diego take pride in their city.

Most Providers City-Switch when they go on vacation. But you knew from the beginning that you were going to be City-Switching to LA?

Yes. I was only a Provider in San Diego for about a month before I moved to LA.

Now that you’ve lived here for a while, how do you like Skurting in LA?

I love it, I absolutely love it! It lets me manage my own time. It’s helping me become an entrepreneur, and I get to network because I meet tons of people on a daily basis. It’s great! Los Angeles could be cleaner, but I love how diverse the community is because there are natives, transplants, and tourists — you get a little bit of culture everywhere you go.

So…it sounds like you might like providing mobility just a little bit?

Yes. I like the freedom. It’s always busy. I can go to dance class, or to a meet-up, or even the library, and then log back on — and boom — I have a mission! I’m never missing out on money. I’m able to live off my earnings, and that gives me the free time to pursue my goals.

What advice would you give new Providers?

Be flexible, and start early in the morning. People in LA start early, so you better be there to get your Skurt money!

What’s your ultimate LA dream?

My goal is to be the best darn dancer in LA, but my dream is to bring Justin Timberlake out of retirement — and I’m going to do it!

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