ProVison Lab represents a new ML- powered surveillance system for the defined areas

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We were pleased to announce a new cloud-based ML-powered service — SG Intrusion Detector — that detects people in the specified areas and notifies users of the presence of a person in the defined zone. Detecting anomalous events such as crimes, thefts or another illegal activity is one of the key challenges we face globally. Preventing unauthorized access is an essential security issue, and developing intelligent ML-powered algorithms is a must.

Recognizing these challenges, we have delivered a new solution — SG Intrusion Detector — that helps to identify and prevent any defined zone — gated communities, office premises, apartments, factories, etc. — from anti-social behavior and accidents, and improve security — all while building a safer world.

“Suppose a man is breaking your office? Is he a burglar or a theft? Could a camera system recognize the strange behavior and alert you and the appropriate authorities?” Dmytro Usenko, CEO of ProVision Lab said. “Definitely, yes”. SG Intrusion Detector performs security analyses, provides intelligence and protection for the defined zones. The powerful, compact design of embedded vision systems makes it an ideal solution to automate and improve motion detection in surveillance.

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When we tested SG Intrusion Detector service, it demonstrated the following results:

  • Boost the efficiency of your camera system to 94%.
  • There is no need to install any application locally.
  • Free alert recordings from any IP cameras.
  • Provide a simple API to create your own unique solutions.

Developed innovative SG Intrusion Detector service turns any IP camera system into a military grade threat detecting and keeps any area safe and secure.

Our company provides a full range of web and mobile solutions such as Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Neural Networks, and Natural Language Processing to turn any idea into a digital solution. Rely on our extensive services to empower your business and maximize your overall success. For any questions, contact: ProVision Lab

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