Provisn In the Rear-View Mirror 07.13.20–07.17.20 | KDA, Upcoming Events, Q1 Signal Results

Provisn In The Rear-View Mirror 07.13.20–07.17.20. Cut the cord on uneducated trading and take it to the next level! This week, it was a real mental one — no two ways around it. We have pushed Beta live with our biggest update yet, published our staggering quarterly signal call results and had an exclusive token spotlight on the powerful and mysterious Kadena token.

In the past 3 month, Provision made 32 Signal Calls. We saw 3,327% gains, averaging 115.53% profit per call… and they’re still going. Let that sink in. With these kind of numbers, we owe you a taste of our secret-sauce.

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Tap into our in-depth report covering the fundamental and technical strengths and weaknesses of Kadena, as well as significant metrics, a look into its price history, and an evaluation of the project’s community and development. We don’t do anything in half measures.

In our second collaboration with Nik Patel, we dived (deep) into Kadena (KDA). We chose this project due to its enormous potential, great leadership, and even greater tech. Also, not many projects can say their founder was a security expert at the SEC.

Kadena has been tickling my fancy for a while as my intuition was telling me this is something very special, but — as we all know — intuition isn’t enough alone. And that’s where Nik’s incredibly comprehensive, unbiased fundamental analysis was there ready to be the superhero.David la Melza — CEO,

Get the low down on the Kadena project and tap into the full, very thorough, in depth Kadena KDA Token Spotlight

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