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Read our full and exclusive Token Spotlight on Ultra (UOS) here

Provisn and CoinTraderNik Token Spotlight on Ultra (UOS)


Our latest Token Spotlight collaboration with the legendary Nik Patel allows us to take a deep dive on a project that’s been heavily on our radar for some time. Enter Ultra — the future of what a gaming platform could be.

We love to give ourselves a challenge with these reports, and want to know if Ultra really can disrupt the future of gaming, among some other surprises, with its creative all-in-one platform. Not only does it have the ability to challenge and disrupt this lucrative and growing industry…

Read our full and exclusive Token Spotlight on Akropolis (AKRO) here


It’s no secret that we’re enjoying working together [Nik Patel x Provisn]. By combining forces to bring out the best in each other, we’ve been shedding light on amazing projects with thorough, thoughtful and trustworthy fundamental analysis. No stones are left unturned and we pride ourselves on cutting through the noise and creating value by providing a better, holistic understanding of the project.

Save time, close tabs, and consolidate your research. Here are upcoming coin happenings and digital events you should care about this week, get a leg up on your trading and keep ahead of the curve. We’re big on giving you the right tools to trade, and we’re equally passionate about keeping you informed. Let’s take a look at the top upcoming crypto events happening this week.

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This Week In Crypto: 07.20.20–07.27.20

21 July: HOLO AMA with Decentr

Provisn In The Rear-View Mirror 07.13.20–07.17.20. Cut the cord on uneducated trading and take it to the next level! This week, it was a real mental one — no two ways around it. We have pushed Beta live with our biggest update yet, published our staggering quarterly signal call results and had an exclusive token spotlight on the powerful and mysterious Kadena token.

Provision Quarterly Signal Call Results

This is our second exclusive token spotlight via Provisn x Nik Patel. To read the first one, on KAI, you can reach it HERE.

The focus of this collaboration with Nik Patel (@cointradernik) is to shed some light on interesting projects, which we select ourselves — feeling as though there needs to be a bit of unearthing, as something shiny could be waiting to be mined below. …

Normally, we let our Signal Call numbers do the talking, but after our first quarter of results, we wanted to take time to explain how and why our approach is different. I think with these kind of numbers, we owe you a taste of our secret-sauce.

At the end of the day we’re a community that will push this space further. We hope you’re able to prosper from the collective feature set of Provisn’s high-level tool set, made understandable, and revel in an affluent, independent future.

There are a lot of signal call groups out there, but they focus on…

Be at the forefront of your trading this week with our highlight reel of upcoming crypto events every trader will want in their back pocket. From airdrops to mainnet updates to webinars and summits, stay informed, stay motivated, and be ahead of the pack with these curated selects from Provisn’s Event Calendar for July 13–19.

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This month’s Signal Call results are in, and while they have garnered an impressive 387% gains, this has clocked in as our worst month to date (Remember, 387% is our WORST TO DATE); we’d actually recon that’s something to be proud about. It’s almost as impressive as last month’s 951% gains, but even more impressive will be our quarterly results published next week — where the power of choosing strong projects really shines through. We remain confident that our signal calls are trustworthy, always profitable, and dependable — we’re always there for a chat in the Subscriber Telegram Chat as…

Get ahead this week, stay on top of your game, and find the needle in the haystack with our curated event and coin selects for the upcoming week. Here are our selects for the upcoming events you should know about.

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KardiaChain on KuCoin

Provisn Week in Review 06.26.30–07.03.20. Join us as cut through the noise of the previous week, and leap ahead into the upcoming week. We recently went into Beta and launched our sleek new website, as well as our new Upcoming Crypto Events series, and we review this week’s top news stories.

Provisn Is Now In Beta


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