Why Some Business Owners Invest In Website Marketing But Don’t See Much Results

Understand the importance of web-based marketing in today environment, business owners invest in a website to promote their business, hoping to gain at least some new customers but that didn’t happen, Why? In this article, I will point out the key factors contributing to this common outcome and recommend the right approach to help businesses get better results out of their websites. Let’s get started.

A number of decades ago, when the telephone first become the only communication tool in our business, we checked our voice messages daily with an excitement since most of the voice messages we received were from either customers, friends, or family. But later on, telemarketers ruined the experience for us. Even until today, telemarketers sometime make us feel reluctant to pick up the phone once we see a non-local phone number calling in.

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This also happens to email. Today, it is not uncommon for an average business to received 10 or more solicited/spam emails a day. This over-soliciting tactic creates all kind of noises in our inbox which cause us take longer to filter out spamy emails and to get back to our customers. Overtime, we learn to ignore spamy emails that often have similar subject tittles.

So, how are these have to do with website marketing?

The thing I want to point out with the two facts above is: Consumers behavior does changes over time to help them filter and select more suitable information from a cluster of “noises” around us. From telephone to email to website. As thousands of websites joining the Internet everyday, the “noises” are getting louder; thus, it required a good effort from professional web design company to make your website standout among the crowd.

Business owners who didn’t see much result from their website often were those who took the wrong approach by going with a cheap website. Since the majority of websites on the Internet are either poorly designed and programed or are out-of-date, the only way to make your website standout is to invest in a professional website that is attractive and user-friendly to the viewers. Remember, cheap website will make your online presence “blend in” with the “noises” instead of “standing out”.

The second mistake is the lack of on-site optimization. Cheap website designers often don’t know or don’t have the time to research and optimize your web pages well for better search engines indexing. Search engines are computer robots; therefore, in order for them to read your website and index it under the right categories, each of your webpages should be tagged with keywords related to the products and services you provide. Without this critical step, your website would be lost among the crowd. And as you already know, majority of customers today are using search engines to find the providers they need; thus, this will make it harder for customers to find you on search engines like Google.com and Bing.com.

Another key factor is effective communication. Customers’ attention span is often short when they are on their desktop or laptop browsing the Internet, and it gets even shorter when customers are on their mobile devices like tablet or smartphone. Thus, within the first 10 seconds of entering your site, your site should look professional and user-friendly to make the viewers want to stay to explore more. And within the next 50 seconds or less the viewers should be able to understand well what you provide through your key messages. Professional web designers would take the time to strategically plan the layout of your website so your key messages can communicate to the customers effectively. One thing to keep in mind, no matter how much money you spend to direct potential customers to your website, if this step is not carefully implemented, the return on your investment (ROI) will not reach its maximum.

These are three critical factors many business owners usually not aware prior to investing in a website for their business. Therefore, here are my three recap recommendations. To leverage the Internet to your advantage with a business website. First, you should look for CMS website design company that has a good track record in designing websites tailoring to each type of business. Second, make sure they will include an on-site optimization service to your web design project. And third, make sure they can design a mobile-friendly website with your key messages position prominently on your landing page. Once you’ve found a provider who can deliver on these important factors, the result you will see from your website should be very positive. I hope you find this article helpful. If you do, please share it with others who you think would benefit from it. Thanks!

Originally published at www.proweb365.com on June 17, 2015.

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