Professors & Staff Arrested for Trading in Child Rape
Lori Handrahan

Hi Lori, I was wondering if you were aware of a significant group of citizen investigators who are actively and voraciously researching #Pizzagate?

Pizzagate is a large and growing body of research that was begun as a result of the Podesta email leaks. People noticed a code language used in the emails related to the use of code words “cheese pizza” often used on the deep web to refer to child pornography.

This research has been ongoing for several months now. It started out on the fringe site, 4chan, and Reddit. Eventually, it was moved here — due to a supposed TOS violation on Reddit. Basically, the researchers were naming the names, and Reddit wasn’t too happy about that and banned the community.

Any delve into this body of research will make you painfully aware of the opposition these researchers are up against. They’ve been harassed, threatened, and censored. I’ve shared your article with this community, and it’s my hope that together, we can put an end to human trafficking and child rape.

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