#1 Way to Increase Brand Awareness

If you’re a business owner, you know that exposure is the best way to attract new customers. The more people that walk through your doors, the more potential you have to earn the big bucks. There are all kinds of methods out there, but what is the best way to increase your brand awareness? The answer is simple, vehicle graphics. Why? Let’s see how well some traditional methods stand up in the ring against our wraps. Grab a seat, and get ready to rumble!

We all see them while driving, big billboards with a name and slogan plastered on them. They’re huge, they’re lit up, and they’re insanely expensive. Depending on where you’re located, just one of these can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $25,000 for a mere four weeks. Sure, it might draw in a few customers, but they’re out of the way. If they aren’t covered up by trees, blocked by power lines, or hidden by stormy weather, they can be nearly out of sight. Off to the side, your tossing your money at a chance that in the three seconds a driver might possibly take to look at your sign instead of the road they’ll be able to not only read, but remember, your company name. Unless you’re looking to spend even more money on a prime-time highway spot, this is a complete waste of your hard earned cash. Not only that, billboard companies often require contracts that lock you into those high prices for months on end, draining your bank account. They are rarely maintained, targets of vandalism, and stuck in one spot.

Wraps, on the other hand, are a one time purchase that really brings in the crowd. A person is already looking at other cars on the road, allowing for a much larger timeframe in which you can have their attention. Standing out amongst other vehicles with your unique design, it becomes impossible to not notice your logo. Plus, your ad is now mobile! Fleet wraps allow your company vehicles to advertise wherever they go, whether they’re being driven or parked, at a fraction of the price a billboard costs. You don’t need to pay month after month to get your business noticed.

One of the largest ways individuals used to use to attract new customers to their business was old fashioned print. Tried and true, some people still swear by this method. Magazines, newspapers, brochures, leaflets, and even mailed advertisements are seen by plenty. While a lot of businesses see them as personal, most people either ignore them or find them annoying. No one is picking up a magazine while waiting in an office to look at the ads. No one is skimming through the paper to look at the tiny squares trying to sell them something. No one is grabbing their mail out of the mailbox and thinking, “Thank goodness this ad is in here, what a nice change of pace to my monthly bills.” If you’re really looking to increase your brand awareness, you’ve got to get people’s attention, and print just doesn’t do that like it used to. That’s what causes a lot of industries to choose mobile advertising, print’s more flashy cousin.

Sure, flashing lights and sound can grab someone’s attention, but the intrusiveness of these types of advertising are a pain. How many times have you been playing a game, or looking for information, on your phone, tablet, computer, etc., when all of a sudden an add pops up, forcing you to stare at it for a few seconds before you simply X out and never give it a second thought? While some people can’t help but get drawn in the majority do just that, close it and forget it. These ads are also extremely limited on the information you can relay to your potential customer. You’re paying in the hopes that they just might click the link without really knowing who you are or what exactly it is you do, all while fighting for their attention over what they are already doing.

Company car wraps offer innovation while casually grabbing your potential customer’s attention. Colorful, unique designs attract the eye and their simplicity is just as good as their effectiveness. They are sure to be seen, and not simply looked over as they make the vehicle stand out amongst the rest. They aren’t hidden among articles, or just another piece of paper that gets thrown away. Your logo, slogan, website, number and picture can all be displayed clearly in large print, and is a far more trustworthy ad than a shady link. While someone has to put effort into reading your literature, remembering your mobile advertisement is effortless. The lack of intrusiveness strays people away from saying, “Oh, not this thing again,” while providing a professional, uniform look for them to remember when they need the service or product you provide.

Car Wraps! They’re modern, affordable, and effective. Don’t waste your time and money on forms of advertising that might get your name noticed. If you really want to be seen, then join the hundreds of companies that use our high quality, weather resistant material and get your own unique logo custom made by our team of professional graphic designers. The #1 way to increase brand awareness are car wraps, Sacramento style. We service all of the U.S., and are happy to work with you from start to finish so you can be proud of your new advertising machine. Give us a call today, and get your business noticed!


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