Oh Grow Up.
tyler page

The world of few real consequences is certainly real at the top of society, but what about the broke guy who goes to jail because he can’t pay a fee to be falsely accused in court for something he didn’t do?

We have a society where some people can openly steal $700m and just say “whoopies!”, and some people can legally be choked to death for selling cigars on the street without a permit.

If I hadn’t had medical insurance in 2010, I’d still be paying back a quarter million dollars in hospital bills. Luckily, I’m near the top of the creamy latte, so people do sometimes help out. I might have lost the use of my legs for having to wait for a charity to fund my surgery if I was near the starbucks logo where most people are.

We as a country interpret the world through calvinism and the prosperity doctrine, so we’re ok with punishing people who aren’t well off just because. God must have created them to be pissed off at and not save, so it’s ok if we just dump on them too, or so the predestiny interpretation suggests.

I suppose if we’re still debating progressive taxation, progressive responsibility is probably off the table too.

Your comics are great, just a thought about this one.