Love Wins

A phrase that could mean something more…

I’m sure most everyone has seen the tag #lovewins across social media by now. Although this is a wonderful phrase used in support of LGBT+ acceptance, I think it may be seen in a much deeper and meaningful way. You see, the main idea behind the tag is that it doesn’t matter who you love. This is absolutely true, but could it not be used in reference to the love and care for all people?

Your personal beliefs are for your lifestyle, not every person on earth.

Love wins; if we can begin to truly love each other as people and not care about race, gender, sexuality, religion, origin, et cetera, society will finally find peace and love. Why does it matter what someone else does? Is it harmful to you in any way? If so, maybe something should be done, but more often than not whatever lifestyle someone else chooses does not affect you in any way. Can we not just be happy that other people are happy? If you don’t believe in homosexuality or find your sex attractive, don’t be in a same-sex relationship. But that doesn’t mean that someone else shouldn’t be allowed to do so! Your personal beliefs are for your lifestyle, not every person on earth. Just because you aren’t one race doesn’t mean nobody should be that race. Love each other, for it makes more sense to live in peace and purity than to fuel hatred and pain.

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