Scam Alert: Recent Job Applicants, Don’t Get Catphished

We’re growing fast, and recruiting scammers have caught on. If you’ve applied recently, look out for red flags and make sure you’re talking to the real PRPL.

Our team has been going through an exciting period of growth over the last six months. Unfortunately, that growth can make companies like ours a target for recruitment fraud.

Earlier this week, we became aware that our company and some of our employees names were used in a scam via the job hunting site Zip Recruiter. Victims of this scam were interviewed for a position at our company on Google Hangouts and subsequently sent an offer letter. After accepting the offer, the agent posing as PRPL asked the applicants for their banking information for payroll purposes.

Upon discovering the scam, our team immediately contacted Zip Recruiter and had the fake account closed down. However, we are still receiving inquiries from affected applicants.

We are very saddened and disappointed to hear job seekers in our community were mistreated by these scammers, because this is not the way we handle relationships with our potential employees.

Our Talent and HR team is committed to giving every person who interviews with our company the very best experience possible. Paperwork for full-time new hires is always requested through our applicant and employee tracking system BambooHR. Friends of PRPL who work with us as contractors are never asked for banking information.

Anyone interested in applying can find open positions on our careers page. We’re excited to continue expanding our workforce and hope this incident does not discourage potential team members from reaching out. Keep those applications coming!

Update as of 6/14:

Since posting this article, we’ve been contacted by several applicants who were victims of the job scam. We are so thankful for each person who has reached out and provided more information that can help us solve this problem.

Three jobs had been posted (and since removed) on LinkedIn for Graphic Design positions that were not from the real PRPL. Applicants were contacted and asked to interview via Google Hangouts, a chat application. Once “hired,” they were sent a check for equipment so they can work remotely. Unfortunately, some had already cashed the check before recognizing the scam.

Just so you can tell the difference between a real job opening from us and a scam, we’ll let you in on how we do things. We always have an initial conversation before interviewing via Google Hangouts or in-person. Job offers are made over the phone, and we never send checks for equipment. Laptops and any other tools are provided for our employees on their first day.

Here are the red flags to look for:

  • If you immediately receive a chat link to interview via Google Hangouts, without a prior conversation.
  • If the email is being sent from a Gmail account. PRPL emails always end with or, or are sent via BambooHR.
  • If you are promised any sort of compensation before your first day, especially to purchase personal equipment.

We appreciate your patience as we work tirelessly to fix this issue and rebuild your trust as potential teammates.

If you have applied to a position at PRPL recently and you are unsure if you have been contacted by a legitimate member of our team, we encourage you to reach out to our HR Director, Chelsea Stonerock at