Or how a front-end developer went where he wasn’t asked to go.

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This time I came up with the idea of a small project representing the set of various financial instruments, which I am searching from time to time in the network. I decided to start with a loan calculator. In the second iteration, I’m going to add a compound interest calculator, and there it goes.

I had no doubts about the back-end language for a project like this. Go is perfect here. At first glance, I like Go, its philosophy, speed of compiled language, built-in concurrency, built-in testing functionality and a fairly simple start for a beginner. …

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Let’s imagine you are using x a third-party library to collect analytics in your application, let’s call it WowAnalytics. The library is added as a script in one of the HTML-files and available globally in the window object. You can call the library methods in the following way:


It would be convenient to use the mocked version of the library in the development environment. The reasons might be different:

  • the service that supplies this library does not have a sandbox to collect analytics from outside the production environment;
  • there is a limitation on the domain name where requests come…

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By force of duty I have to maintain a large monolithic web application on Ruby on Rails. This framework imposes the "convention over configuration" paradigm, which simplifies things at the beginning for a quick launch of the product, but it also keeps things harder when you have to do something non-standard. For a long time, the entire frontend statics assembled Sprockets gem supplied with RoR . It was a good solution in the past to build our static written with jQuery, pure JS, or even AngularJS. But now we want to use more modern frameworks such as React or Vue…

Konstantin Kolesnikov

JavaScript engineer. Passionate about coding, DevOps and IT in general. https://kos.sh

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