A Movie Buff’s Downfall

Spoiler Alert

Today as I watched yet another movie (2 Night Stand), I found myself wondering when the next step is going to come along. As my blog greatly entails, I love watching movies and TV shows. I don’t quite know why but, watching stories unravel before me and getting to know these amazing characters intrigues me so. This movie was kind of cute, I got it for free on Amazon so I felt like it was a decent way to kill time.

It was a RomCom (obviously) and it consisted of a girl needing to get back on the dating horse through a Tinder-esque website, after having her heart broken by a guy she almost married (a familiar story, eh?) and she ends up meeting this guy who’s actually pretty great. There’s a snowstorm so they’re stuck together for 2 days just figuring each other out. (hence the title)

This reminded me that I’m at a point in my life where people assume I’m in a relationship or insist that I go and seek out a relationship because its been so long, yada yada yada. I’m glad that I’m in a place now where I think its funny more than hurtful but, it does make me question when my turn is going to come along.

Its been a few years since I’ve actually been in a serious relationship which honestly has been pretty great for me. I don’t mind being on my own, its caused me to learn a lot about myself. Its been a really interesting time in my life. I’ve fallen madly in love with my twenties and all the brand new things that have been coming my way. But.. seeing stories like this unfold just make me wonder how I could even meet someone.

In stories there’s always this crazy way that people meet. And by crazy it could either be something literally insane that happens such as a couple living two years apart in the same Lake House and fall in love with each other by writing letters that magically make it to the other. OR something insanely subtle like..sitting down with a good book at my favorite coffee shop and a strapping young man across the room decides to muster up some confidence to ask me what I’m reading and if he could sit down and talk with me about it.

Its not that I’m painstakingly waiting for this moment to happen but, my gosh its so fricken exciting getting lost in these thoughts. I’m ready to be in love again, it sounds like the next sweet adventure out there for me.