Live Code,Eat code and drink plenty of water.

When I first started coding my seniors had told me,”No matter what you do try to understand logic.” I am almost done with this semester with tons of java on my head. My instructor was telling us the other day that she knows only 5% of Java.I was surprised with those words. How is it even possible for her to put an upper bound on 5? She is a genius. I not only think but she is. So why am I talking these unrelated stories here? You must have noticed there are three different points I have discussed here. These three points are very important for the one who is planning to seek a career in computer science. Let’s discuss these ideas one by one.

  1. Understand Logic : Whenever you write a program it is necessary to understand what your logic is and what you want to accomplish with your program. Do you have enough information to move on ? One way of learning is to read codes. Whenever you read others code it is very necessary to find a logic in every step of the program. Don’t get intimidated by the syntax of the program.If you want to know the syntax just search it in the search engine but it doesn’t mean that the syntax is useless.They are very important but first you need to think like a computer and If you want to think like a computer, you have to read a code.
  2. Do not fool yourself: We learn a lot of things in a semester-long class of computer science. If go on Bootcamp then you learn even more in a short period of time. After learning to code, we might get a feeling that we are heroes now. But do not think so. Keep learning.You are never a learned person in a computer world.
  3. Look at your professor: My professor told me that she knows only 5% of Java. What does this mean?This means the computer world is always evolving. We don’t know what technology comes tomorrow to make today obsolete. In this field, there are millions of developer constantly changing or writing to improve or put something new to the existing computer programs. We learn a new language and keep brushing up the same concepts to improve our understanding. We can not learn everything but we can learn what we need to learn. Never feel proud of what you know. Keep learning. In this field, no one is perfect.