When I Should Meditate

Sometimes when I am overly anxious my wife will ask me how long it’s been since last ate, the answer usually is “Too Long”. Other times she’ll ask if I need to meditate. When I do, more often than not, I come out of the other side in a better mood. Ideally though I would mediate, or snack preventively.

Seth Godin, while being interviewed on the Tim Ferriss Show, put it in a way that made practical sense to me. He said, and I am paraphrasing, That he would mediate when the narrative got in the way of what was actually happening.

I can sometimes get wrapped up in my own self-defeating narrative; which, if I remember correctly, Tim has the same issue. Watching for this ‘narrative spin out’ as a cue to meditate and restore perspective seems like an excellent strategy for reducing unhelpful anxiety.