Prsy- Boost your connections with your own social media app

Prsy- A revolutionary social networking app is getting good hits in a market. It is serving the social media addicted folks with their personal apps without any technical skills. Just a registration to be an owner of social media app.

Time to explore the world in a quite new style! A revolutionary app has been launched in the category of Social Media Apps. Within a short time, it has started beating the Social Media Giants with its exceptionally new concept. Prsy app is already loaded in the popular app store. It is known as the app which delivers multiple apps. Get your own social media application live with the fewer efforts. Basically, it’s a root of app through which the folks can build their own app by spending some seconds only. It is a distinctive app which hand-overs users their own personal app instead of just an account like all other social media giants. 
 Many more amazing features mark the Prsy app as a noteworthy app of the Era when Social Media usage is at its peak. A challenging app reduces all the developer or user side efforts require to launch a personal or organization app. It puts it with an easier and common way to make any user app live. Reserving a personal social networking app is just a registration away. NMInformatics is the name behind the launch of such a far-reaching app. A credit to build the app with out-of the box concept goes to the ingenious minds of NMInformatics. Additionally, they have even executed the idea nicely with their intelligence in coding. Here is a quick note for the exceptional features of Social media app Prsy:

  • A registration only to be an owner of app
  • Build personal and organization app
  • App gets live with your own name & photograph
  • No hidden processes involved in getting app live
  • After registration, receive a link to app in a short time
  • Share & post unlimited stuff from your own named app
  • No restrictions to utilize any of the features
  • Ghost corner to transfer secret stuff
  • Create a brand through the easy going process
  • Own a personal social media app absolutely free
  • Choose your favorite color theme
  • Be found in the Popular App Stores

Build an app for the personal and organizational use. Experience social media by going through the new and exciting way. Enhanced and more personalized features provide each user a fantastic experience. The functionalities of Prsy own social media app are:

  • Send and Receive Messages
  • Invite the other apps to connect
  • Share the Apps easily
  • Capture and Post the Photos
  • Video and Audio Sharing
  • Attach the files and share
  • Send and Receive Email
  • Upload your stuff on the Cloud

This app is a blessing for the organizations who want to start building their brand image immediately. As we are living in the era, when social media really matters. But still, no individual will invest in the developer to build his/her social media application as the all social media sites are allowing them to create and access their own account. But, it is interesting to get your own social networking app. Users can utilize it in their own way.

After knowing about this exclusive app, many people have already registered their names. The only restriction is there, if anyone has already registered with the same name with which you want to register, then the app will not allow you to do so. Hence, it is compulsory for all to get registered with the unique name.

Prsy is live on the most popular app stores such as Google Play Store, Amazon Store, Blackberry and Windows Store. It will also be live soon on the Apple Store. If anyone is making personal social media app with Prsy, then definitely his app will go live on all the above mentioned popular stores. On behalf of all users, Prsy itself goes through all the procedures and send the live links of apps directly to the users through the Email.

Media Contact

Company Name: Dot Com Infoway for NMInformatics
 Contact Person: Munneb Ullah
 Phone: +1 (347)-305–2121
 Country: United States

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