Grow Business through Values Alignment

(Photo credit: AdWeek)

The story of immigrants coming to this country and successfully building the world’s largest beer company sparked a boycott.

Reporting the truth is controversial.

Advocating for equal pay is seen as radical.

Actions and beliefs that were typically seen as core American values are now being called into question. Prior to this year, the story of an immigrant coming to the US and launching a company like Budweiser would be heralded as a success. But, in today’s political climate sharing this all-American story is seen as partisan … even un-American to some.

So, what’s a company to do? How should messaging platforms and story arcs be constructed and disseminated when even the most all-American stories spark controversy?

Current news cycles are dominated by tension, fear, and hate — leaving people striving for inclusivity, community, unity. As we’ve seen with Super Bowl and Oscars commercials this year, hopeful, inclusive messaging like this is resonating big time with audiences.

Instead of worrying about offending a small, but vocal group, shift your focus.

As Mike McCue, Flipboard CEO, explained on the Recode Decode podcast: “If you take a stand and say ‘Look, we’re going to build a business based on fewer users — we’re willing to have some portion of our users not actually use the product — then you actually make a better business.”

What if we can build a stronger business by aligning our values and financial interests?

The benefits of a stronger business outweigh the risk of potentially alienating a small percentage of your audience.

But, contextually aware content marketing shouldn’t be limited to flashy ads during major events like the Super Bowl or Oscars from brands with massive budgets. At Geben Communication, we’re helping brands of all sizes and all budgets can shift their content marketing to produce timely content that fills the voids we are collectively feeling.

As Caleb Gardner recently wrote:

“Many will see this as a product of our current political situation, but the desire to see higher value elements in the products and services we buy runs deeper than a response to Trump alone. The president is unwittingly accelerating a trend that was already underway: as digital breaks down traditional silos, the public, private, and social sectors are merging.”

The reality is that these walls have been slowly crumbling. But, the election — or more pointedly, the inauguration — of Donald Trump has caused a tectonic shift.

A paradigm change so significant that it’s shifting consumersbuying habits.

Consumers are clamoring for hope, inclusivity, stability, community and connectivity — and forward-thinking brands are responding.

Are you?

Want to explore opportunities to connect content marketing to business growth? Ready to go a step further and explore brand activism that align with your company values? Shoot me an email (heather[at] … let’s chat!