The story I want to share is titled “Don’t be trapped”.

When I look around I can see people with regrets, people trapped in the prison of their own minds. People assuming things which do not exist and sometimes the great power of imagination becomes the greatest problem. If you are facing the same problem you would exactly know what I mean.

The paradox of reality is so different from the truth. Our minds makes monsters out of rats and projects our fears and insecurities to a immense level.

As Mel Robbins says-This happens when you put your brain to Autopilot. Our brain is not designed for discomfort. So, what it does is magnify your insecurities so much that you are even afraid to face it.

Don’t be trapped by this illusion. Our brain makes a mountain of a molehill of our insecurities and fears. Learn the truth and that is only possible if we face our demons right on their faces. I know it takes immense courage to do this but its totally worth the effort.

I would explain this to you with an example: Imagine yourself a light source and walking down the road , while you are walking you see a huge shadow at some distance and you are terrified assuming it to be a monster. It stays the same way if you don’t move closer. If you move backwards, it becomes bigger and you don’t move closer because you are terrified. But once you gather the courage to move closer one step at a time the shadow’s size decreases and when you move close enough, you would see what once you thought to be a monster was simply a bug.

The shadow is what the mind shows us, what exactly it generally is a bug. So, please don’t be trapped in the tricks the mind plays. The actual problem can be much much much smaller than you imagine.

Please move closer to your fears my friends. The shadows will definitely get smaller. Have an fulfilling day dear friends.

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