Let’s start by defining what a DAO is and what it stands for. DAO is the short form for Decentralized Autonomous Organization and in simple terms, it's a governance system for a community. Let’s break it down.

Decentralized. Essentially the big idea of cryptocurrencies is the idea of breaking up our assets into many different locations. Why is this important? Let’s look at a normal, traditional bank. Let’s say you put all of your money into one bank because that was the norm and the easiest way to protect your assets. Well, if this said bank gets robbed, then what happens to everything you just owned? Yeah, it’s all gone and now you have to start all over again. If you decided to break up your life savings into two different banks and the first bank gets robbed, well now only half of your life savings are gone. Same idea, we want to spread out our assets for better outcomes. In the case of a DAO, we want to make our governance decentralized so that there's no one person in charge making the decisions for the community.

Autonomous. This refers to the fact that DAO decisions made should be done in a self-sufficient manner. We want this governance to run on its own and this is done through something called smart contracts. Basically this is some code that is written that allows the community to vote on certain movements and if majority vote is yes then the act is automatically set in place. To get into more of the details let’s discuss how this actually works. So the smart contract lives on a blockchain. There are conditions that are programmed into the smart contract and when they are met they execute the action that was agreed upon by the community voters. Community members are able to vote based on different metrics that the DAO has chosen to use, this can be tokens, NFTs, or even reputation. Let’s use an example using the token. The more tokens one has, the greater their influence is on the motion being voted on. Token can be bought using Fiat or traded from other cryptocurrencies, and depending on how the DAO is set up, can even be earned by engaging in different activities.

Organization. A collection of people interested in the same stuff. Easy.


As a student myself, I often find myself on the brink of wanting to dropout to devote more time to the industry and building, but I remind myself of why I am in school in the first place and also how hard I worked to get here. Although there is a huge dropout movement happening within the space, it does not mean all students should or will participate, we want decentralization right so let’s keep the life goals and ideals decentralized as well. But what happens to those who want to be in school? In my experience, I am not rooted for or even provided a community in which people support my decision to stay in school. This is where GAT3WAYDAO comes into the picture.

We will provide a safe space for those who want to stay in school and engage in the web3/crypto world. This is a completely open environment so supporters of the idea are welcome, or even just anyone who wants to find a stimulating group of people to learn with.

GAT3WAYDAO is a firm believer in indulging in what interests you. Just because there are many developers in the space, does not mean you have to be one. We will be supporting any type of artist (NFT, designers, web devs, etc), any type of dev (protocol, ZK, smart-contract, etc), business ventures (community management, tokenomics, social media, etc), and whatever else the community desires. We want to follow the passions of the community, if we see enough engagement within a specific topic we will be catering to them and what they want.

The funding we acquire for this DAO will be cycled back into the ecosystem we create in order to help support those who want to attend crypto conferences and events they otherwise would not be able to. We all know how draining tuition can be to our bank accounts and how difficult it is to find the right events and find flights for them. We will also partner with schools and organizations that hold hackathons and hacker houses in order to further push our initiative to getting our community involved in hands on work. Further down the line, we plan on also partnering with web3 and crypto companies in order to create an internship placement system that allows the community to work their way into some real life applications of their interests.

To join the community you need to first join through our public discord. Once you accept the community guidelines you are then given access to your first set of public channels, which includes a new category called “freshman” as well as the “freshman” role. This is essentially the same concept of a freshman in school. You just entered the ecosystem and are seen as a beginner in the space. Later on once we get some more traction in the discord, we will be providing a list of topics and assignments the members can work on in their own time. This is so that we have community engaging in the discord and they can learn about topics at an industry level. As you can probably tell, the list will be mutable and changing with the industry (unlike school). Once you are able to prove that you know the topics (either by completing the assignments or bypassing with POW, proof of work) you will then be promoted to the next role and level known as “sophomore”. This again will have a new list with topics that build on the last list and again you would have to engage in order move on. There are 4 levels in the discord that fall under the student category. These include: freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. Once someone reaches junior and/or senior, we deem them eligible to start engaging in internship opportunities. GAT3WAYDAO will have partnerships with other web3/crypto communities in which we would help place these students in internships and/or jobs and they can use the assignments and topics learned from the discord to vouch for their new skillset. There is also a TA role in the discord. This is essentially a governor/mod role in which the TAs will be monitoring the discord and will be checking the community members’ work in order to let them pass onto the next level. For now this is a role which people who want to build the DAO hold, but later on we hope to have this as an actual paid role.


This DAO is novice, intermediate, and expert friendly. We want everyone to feel welcome and supported and that is the foundation of GAT3WAYDAO. As I create this DAO I learn more and more about them every single day. The official definition of a DAO does not exist yet; there are many practices that most DAOs have in common that we will also have in ours but the point is to create something new and fresh and solve a problem that exists. Providing a learning environment and opportunities to newbies and anyone interested is the main goal. If this sounds like you or you know someone that would be interested please check out our twitter and join our discord. The gateway is wide open :)

twitter: https://twitter.com/gat3wayDAO



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