Some days I just want to go out and conquer the world. Other days laying on the couch or in my bed will suffice. I am a tattooed, crystal loving, creative, spiritual being who believes in the universe, Jesus and magic. I also like to call myself an actress. I can’t forget I’m a mother too. All these things seem to defind me in some way or another. Positivity is key in my life though depression takes over a lot. Most Americans, suffer from depression. Simple things are hard and can be joyless. Laundry is my depression trigger. If you saw my closet at any given time you probably shake your head. I have mastered the art of doing laundry but more then once I have I let it pile up until I was forced to takle it. More tomorrows have been planned in hopes of doing laundry but the yesterdays can show I probably didn’t do my laundry. Why is it so hard to do laundry ? There is really no reason laundry should be a hard task. Sort the clothing, wash the clothing, hang or dry the clothing and then put away said laundry. My christmas list this year reads all I want for christmas is the ability to takle my laundry or even a dryer would do. I’ve spent more time thinking about the tons of laundry I have then other things. I’m truly not crazy just not a fan of laundry the sorting folding a putting away turn me off. My hell is a big laundramat where I am forced to do laundry for all eternity. At this point i’m just ranting. Laundry, I will learn to love you I promise.