Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to ask for me-time

A common reason why mums don’t have more “me-time” is simply a reluctance to ask or a guilt around asking for help.

That’s why when presented with the question — “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” (which in my household is usually asked on the eve of Mother’s Day) it is the PERFECT opportunity to speak up and ask for me-time. Me-time to do anything YOU want — to read a book, have a nap, write, paint, meditate, do yoga, eat chocolate, watch Netflix or do nothing. Time off from washing, cleaning and kid wrangling to just be by yourself with no-one to think about but yourself.

It’s a gift that is free (and doesn’t require a last minute dash to the shops) but for me, and I’m sure a lot of other mums, it’s what I really want and to be honest need.

That said, I won’t be turning down breakfast in bed and a bunch of flowers if they are also offered.