Day 8 — Staying on T.O.P.

We are now into Javascript. Things are still pretty high-level, but very broad and pretty complicated. The lectures are good, but the real benefit comes from a process that I will call TOP, because reducing complicated phenomena into a three word label that lends itself to a contrived acronym seems like the blog-y thing to do.

Here we go.

T — is for TRY. As in, attempt to actually practice the concept on your own.

O— is for OBSTRUCTION. As in, you get stuck and can’t find out how to move forward. The key is to flail about as wildly as you can for an answer. Try to be systematic. Try to go with your gut. Try to go with whatever organ disagreed with your gut. Just try anything over and over till it’s really broken and truly not working at all.

Then, ask your instructor for help. Which brings us to P.

P— is for PROCEED. As in, your instructor helps you thru the answer and tells you why everything you tried was either wrong, not quite right or else really really bizarre.

So that’s my acronym. It’s sloppy and kind of mashed together, but you know what? I like it. And I hope you will to. Namaste.

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