The training program for producers developing audio content for children includes creators based out of Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia

Ready To Learn Podcast Accelerator participants

PRX, PBS KIDS, and CPB today announced six teams of audio creators who will participate in the Ready To Learn Podcast Accelerator, a podcast training and development program for producers creating new educational content for children ages 4–8. The program is a component of the new CPB-PBS Ready To Learn Initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Guided by a framework of introducing children to the world of work or future careers, content developed in this program will also encourage parents and caregivers to support their children’s interests. Announced in February, the Ready To Learn Podcast Accelerator will take…

Hosted by sports journalist Ben Baskin, Season 1 will premiere on May 27. “Lost In Sports” will investigate the And1 Mixtapes, Evander Holyfield’s ear, the NCAA Football video game franchise, and more, with commentary from guests including Stephen Curry, Joe, and Anthony Russo, Arike Ogunbowale, and more

Religion of Sports (“ROS”), the Emmy Award-winning sports media company, today announced “Lost in Sports,” a new podcast investigating some of the biggest questions in sports history — and some you never thought to ask. Every episode explores the mysteries of the lost, the forgotten, and the disappeared, and goes on a quest for answers. The show is brought to audiences in partnership with public media organization PRX.

Hosted by sports journalist Ben Baskin — formerly a staff writer at “Sports Illustrated” and the author of multiple high-profile cover stories — “Lost in Sports” will premiere on Thursday, May 27…

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Earlier today, Sounds Profitable, a newsletter and website dedicated to podcast advertising, released “Up Next,” the first-ever Up Front in podcast format.

We loved the idea of a podcast Up Front when we first heard about it from Bryan Barletta, creator of Sounds Profitable. What better way to show off the value of the podcast medium than to utilize it? As Bryan said, “we have the opportunity to try something completely different. We have the opportunity to use the medium we know works so well to sell ad inventory to the advertisers and agencies interested in finding out more.”


To our Black staff and listeners, we support you and know the fight continues. The conviction of Derek Chauvin signals a level of accountability in George Floyd’s tragic murder. It doesn’t ease the pain, grief, or loss experienced by Mr. Floyd’s family and his community.

George Floyd is a human being whose life mattered. While the verdict is a step in the right direction, it does not ensure the safety of Black and Brown people from racial violence, discrimination, and disparities. The killings of Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, and Ma’Khia Bryant all serve as examples of Black and Brown lives…

Today PRX, a leading non-profit media organization known for shaping the future of audio, announced it will debut four channels with iconic programming from the Radiotopia podcast network, “Snap Judgment,” The Moth, and a collection of podcasts for kids, Pod Squad, through Apple Podcasts Subscriptions when it launches worldwide next month.

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is a new, global marketplace that empowers audio creators, including PRX, to offer premium subscriptions featuring a variety of benefits for individual shows, or curated groups of shows called channels, directly to listeners on Apple Podcasts.

Listeners can continue to enjoy ad-supported shows distributed by PRX

PRX piloted a new hiring approach to find a Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

During the latter part of 2020, PRX was faced with the reality that we were not creating the space for the staff of color that we thought we were. We heard from some stakeholders, including staff, that our written public statements weren’t quite right. More action and transparency were essential, but more importantly, we needed more intention.

So, what is this?

We want to share our journey to becoming a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. This is the first installment in a series of updates on what we are doing to improve and what we’ve learned from those actions. …

Ready To Learn Podcast Accelerator is a 16-week training program open to five podcasting teams from PRX, PBS KIDS, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting!

It’s an exciting time in podcasting right now for children — especially in the age of smart speakers and amid growing demand for family-friendly content accessible from home. In response, PRX, PBS KIDS, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) are looking for new or existing podcasting teams to develop meaningful podcasts that introduce young children and their families to the world of work and open up life possibilities.

What is Ready To Learn?

The Ready To Learn initiative, from CPB and PBS, with support from the U.S. Department of Education, aims to develop new content that helps young children, ages 4–8, particularly those in…

First aired in 1996, PRX has reformated the specials into six hours for 2021

“Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was” is the story of radio’s role in the 20th-century transformation of the African American community. The series reveals the remarkable correlation between Black radio programming and African American culture milestones through interviews, historical airchecks, comedy, drama, and music. It explores radio during the great migration of Blacks from the South, trail-blazing Black DJs and stations, and Black radio during the Civil Rights movement.

The series first aired in 1996 as 13 half-hour specials produced by Radio Smithsonian. That same year Black Radio and its producers were recognized with several prestigious awards, including the…

A look across PRX, Radiotopia, TRAX, and our incredible partners in the audio and podcasting world

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

When 2020 started, we were looking forward to the next decade of public media and podcast possibilities. A year in, it’s not the era we necessarily anticipated… and like most others, we had to adjust to the reality of 2020. Between numbers and narrative, this is a snapshot of the myriad ways our content, investments in talent, and technology fit into the year that was.


New releases

What kind of year would it be without new podcasts? Our production partners and the newly launched PRX Productions team brought new shows to listeners, lengthening our podcast queues by hours and hours.

36: characters…

Why and when to use these station resources

Photo by OCV PHOTO on Unsplash

How does PRX’s distribution work?

Before we hop into the nitty-gritty of when and why to use the PRX Exchange versus the Station Services Info Site, it’s essential to understand how we categorize distribution relationships with programs. These relationships determine where you go to find information for specific programs.

There are two types of PRX distribution relationships:

Representative Relationship
The first kind of distribution relationship is one where PRX works on behalf of the program to place it on airwaves across the country. This type of distribution is facilitated by one of PRX’s station services representatives.

Independent Relationship
This kind of relationship is a technical one…


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