How Pryci was born….

3 years back I was at MIT finishing my graduate studies. I was in dire need of money and was looking to sell an antique watch that my grandfather had gifted me. The watch was really old (from the times of the British Raj) and I thought I could get good money for it but wasn’t sure how much. I didn’t want to put the watch on craigslist without knowing the right price. I searched around on the web to find sites which could reliably price my antique item but found none. I talked about this conundrum with my friend KK who was also studying at MIT with me. He conducted his own search but couldn’t find a good option to price the watch. After searching for a while we thought that there was a need for such a product where people from all around the world would help you price your priceless antiques, collectible and other hard to price items and take the guesswork out of pricing. Thus Pryci was born.

Pryci is the world’s only crowdsourced pricing platform which allows people from all over the world to price their valuable items. Many times we have possessions lying in the garage or basement which we want to sell but dont know the right price. Pryci allows you to price these items using the wisdom of the crowd with no pressure to sell. You can simply price it and hold on to it or price it and sell it on hundreds of platforms like ebay, craigslist etc. which are optimized for selling of items rather than pricing them correctly. Pryci is fun place where you can price items, browse collectibles and even win cool prizes by participating in our sweepstakes. Come join us at Pryci and help millions around the world find the true price of their possessions! or find us on the itunes store for iOS and Google play for android