Mastering Github Actions for iOS

Tailor and supercharge your CI workflow for iOS apps 💪

Clean up your mess! Unsplash

Use matrix for job parametrisation

Straightforward matrix example

Matrix containing schemes and xcodebuild commands
Each parameter group as a separate axis, totalling to 6 unique jobs

Full multiplatform matrix example

This is so cool that you can probably copy-paste this one to your repo with little changes

Make Open-Source Actions work for you

Xcode switcher

Turbocharged xcodebuild command

Conditionally excluding matrix job combinations

xcode: ['13.0', '12.5.1', '12.4', '12.0.1']
macos: ['macos-11', 'macos-10.15']
If any job matches the parameter pair in the ‘exclude’ section, then they won’t be created at all

Trigger builds manually from the web

Enabling triggerring button in the web interface

Diagnostic ideas before building and testing

Possible diagnostic lines for future debugging