Hard Solar Realities in Puerto Rico
Anson Fogel

This whole article is one big BS.

Puerto Rico main problem note is getting online and repairing all those power lines.

Suggesting single centralized source of energy will not make Puerto Rico less resilient to power lines breakage. It would increase damages.

On top of that author seam to know nothing about capacity factor for nuclear. It’s never 100%. Some repairs even require months of down time.

That’s why nuclear power plants have multiple independent reactors. But author suggested that 100% of electricity should come from nuclear. So one of those reactors need downtime, that’s it. Power sequestration. Enforced downtime for big energy consumers. Enforced ban on AC.

Great job. You just proposed solution WORSE then relaying on old and brittle infrastructure.

One is sure current system in Puerto Rico is insufficient and harmful. Remedies that are tailored to local problems should be found.

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