How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking: 4 Simple Steps

Hi Sara, thanks for the article. That’s interesting. I am surprised because I’d say that people from the top management level are kind of super humans who do not go through the same pain ;)

From my experience ( for anybody reading this article who’s really anxious of public speaking), joining one of the public speakers groups like Toastmaster or ASC is the best way to beat the fear. They have very well designed development plans and you will quickly gain a lot of confidence and learn to deliver professional speeches. I have joined both clubs recently and I can see astonishing improvements and I feel a great confidence boost.

The pillars of success are ( apart of joining a club): 
1. Practice. 20–50–200 times before the speech. As many times as you can. 
2. Prepare outline of the speech, try to remember the beginning and the end of the speech so you always know how to begin and finish as those bits tend to be the most stressful.
3. Prepare a “mind map” and use it during your speech, it won’t look like you are reading and will help you to maintain correct order and to include all important bits.

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