Wrenched from the bowels of dusty cardboard crumpled plastic bag, a broken box out of a crumpled bag, and finally unopened, unused acrylic paints from that box. I also have a few brushes here: they already have traces of usage. But not by me!

I do not remember when I…

You know what’s horrible? Everything. But really, I’m most afraid of, how to say it …

You know how the sponge floats on the surface before it gets wet? …

I’m really confused about this choice. Firs instinct tells me to scream: another one?

In 2014, so not so long ago, we had one. Jose Padilha remade old classic with contemporary twist. Kind of decent movie, that underperformed in the box office.

2014 Robocop, MGM

But fine, we can have another one, and it might be good. Naill Blomkamp seems to be perfect match. His social awareness, love for science-fiction, economical sensitivity, those things can make him ideal director for modern RoboCop. I love District 9, I could picture RoboCop in this setting. Yeah, this RoboCop probably will take place in the South Africa also.

And, he obviously want to take on another legendary 80s franchise after Alien was almost in his hand.

In 2018, watching Nanook of the North, a silent non-fiction movie about the life of Inuita, is difficult. This is a film from 1922, one of the first full-length documentaries.

I will not dwell here on how accurate it is to reproduce the then reality, which names were changed in…

If you can read this, then I’m not dead. Well, that may be a bit overdramatic. But there is something true in in.

I need to tell my story again. My personal story, from scrath. I hope, that my new story will be about managing. About progress. Functioning. Surviving.


Przemysław Zając

poet, writer, culture critic, new media passionate

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