Not One Vote

This week, we saw the Republican Party negotiate in secret with its lobbyist partners a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the filthy, idle rich. They did so without even pretending to have a modicum of interest in making the tax reform effort bipartisan.

Let’s put aside the fact that institutional Washington would massacre Democrats for doing the same and has comparatively little to say when Republicans do it. Democrats being held to a higher standard is a given at this point and a story for another day.

What I’d like to talk about today is the never-ending impulse of Democrats to engage in good faith saving of Republicans from catastrophes of their own making despite Republicans continually returning that gesture with nothing but bad faith.

We will be coming up another potential government shutdown soon. Government Subsidized Liar Sarah Sanders has already placed the blame on Democrats for it happening if they won’t fund Trump’s pointless, racism-driven Wall to Nowhere. Nonetheless, Democrats continue to talk about working with Republicans to pass a continuing resolution in exchange for renewal of the CHIP program and protections for Dreamers.


Be very clear. Republicans have a moral obligation to renew CHIP. If they fail to do so, it would be a moral travesty, but it would be the one that the majority party would own.

With Dreamers, why would we possibly negotiate with Republicans and give them a win that will allow them to counter the very valid point that they are a collection of craven racists in 2018 and 2020? Protection for Dreamers is something we should pass when we regain control.

Republicans have a portion of their caucus that is so stupid and intransigent that they refuse to engage in the basic necessities of governing. They have consistently had their temper tantrums validated by the Democratic adults in the room bailing them out. No more.

Let Republicans and their caucus own a shutdown. Let them piece together a majority. Let them see how it feels to be opposed in every action, however reasonable, simply because it offers political gain.

Mitch McConnell, bless his evil heart, has added a new ironclad rule to our politics: never cooperate on something you could later campaign on. It’s time to give Mitch a taste of his own medicine, and also to give that entire party a dose of the bad faith they’ve put into our political process for so long.

And if Donald, Mitch, and Paul truly can’t find a governing coalition to keep the government running, here’s what I would demand in return for Democratic votes: an ironclad requirement of 60 votes on all legislation for the remainder of this Congress.

They’d never go for it, of course, and they shouldn’t, because it would be politically catastrophic for them. Well I’d argue that bailing the Republicans out of their inability to govern is equally catastrophic for Democrats. So we should not give them any votes on anything. Not one. Not one vote. Let the people see the consequences of Republican leadership unvarnished once and for all.

Not one vote.