The Glory of Precision

Have you ever noticed how bringing precision, driven by obsessive passion, makes something excellent? Why is Italian leather excellent? What makes for a good beer? A good cup of coffee? It is that the creators took care at every step to care for temperatures, pressures, smells, water ratios, and all manner of small details to produce exactly the product they intended, and they had a very precise result in mind.

Why does humanity do this? Why must we strive to create the best furniture, wine, coffee, computers, culinary dishes, art? I think its rooted in the image of God in man. Consider Exodus 25–30, the Lord spends 5 chapters laying out every detail of the tabernacle, the ark of the covenant, the incense altars, even the priests’ clothes, including all their dimensions and materials. The Lord is precise. He is a God of detail. And so it is fitting to say that as we strive for excellence through precision in our craft we reflect the character of our precise God.

Not only that, but in the same way that careful precision showcases the true beauty of furniture, wine, or coffee — then precision in our theology, by carefully studying and applying the Word of God, allows us to showcase His character and understand His unfolding plan in its full and resplendent glory. And to be clear, I like John Frame’s definition of theology, “Theology is the application of scripture, by persons, to every area of life”, which is to say that all theology has implications for how we live or how we understand God, which will impact how we live and respond to Him. Much more can be said, but at the risk of being prolix (unneccessarily wordy) and rouse accusations of bloviation (puffed up wordy writing), which might be justly leveled at me (I’m working on getting better!), I think, beloved brother or sister in Christ I shall leave you with this: we cannot be too careful nor too zealous in our understanding and application of scripture and all the many facets in which God’s character and works instruct, encourage, delight, edify, humble, convict, and satisfy us — so next time you’re enjoying that super delicious cupcake, beer, or coffee: think of the craftsmanship that went into that and remember that God, the ultimate master craftsman fashioned it all, planned it all, and planned to give us His Word, His Son, His Spirit; by more precisely understanding the atonement, the resurrection, creation, election, sovereignty, we bring glory to God in imaging Him in detailed precision and responding more appropriately to each of His peculiar glories. To the eternal God be praise, glory, and honor forever. Amen!

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