I’m a Cowboy fan in Dallas and what I would say is that, while no one here is making any…

Thank you for writing a response that avoids being pie in the sky foolishness, but also correctly attributes Prescott’s remarkable intangibles already on display in the preseason. Your bit about the last drive of the first half is on point. I’ve seen very few pros let alone rookies in their 3rd NFL game (Ok. Preseason) show such a thorough understanding of time in the hurry up offense. This series of plays and the Run on 3rd and 17 in the Rams game to create room for a fully make-able Dan Bailey kick have told me deeper things about Prescott’s game. Beyond his considerable physical gifts… He’s really smart. He makes the smart plays.

We will all be witnesses as to whether or not this will be enough in the regular season, but for the first time in the Tony Romo era the next guy up seems to inspire, at least in this Cowboys fan, an ounce of faith over the backup carousel horrorshow to which we have been accustomed.

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